AHAs (Alpha Hydroxy Acids)


AHAs are a group of water soluble, natural acids commonly found in fruit and other food. They’re a great way of chemically exfoliating the skin without using a physical exfoliant. They work by breaking down the lipids or ‘cement’ that binds the surface skin cells together allowing the outer surface layer to shed and regenerate skin cells more quickly, leaving the skin brighter, smoother and with a healthier appearance. 

Different Forms:

Glycolic Acid is originally derived from sugar cane and the smallest molecule in the AHA family. This means that it’s the strongest AHA, reaching deeper levels of the skin. However, this can mean that it’s more irritating for some. Glycolic Acid is particularly effective at aiding fine lines and wrinkles.

Lactic Acid is originally derived from milk making it more hydrating that Glycolic Acid. One of the largest molecules from the resurfacing acid family and so works more topically than the others. This means it’s great for dehydrated skin and also for more sensitive skin.

Malic Acid is originally derived from fermented fruit, commonly apples. It is a very gentle form of AHA.

Mandelic Acid also known as, amygdalic acid, is the largest molecule in the AHA family and is the gentlest form.

Percentage in Skincare:

Around 10%


Some irritations can be experienced from Glycolic Acid on sensitive skin.

Lactic Acid is not suitable for Vegans if it is milk derived rather than synthetically derived.