PHAs (Polyhydroxy Acids)


PHAs are second generation AHAs, so gentler on the skin but just as effective. They are suitable for all skin concerns but particularly sensitive skin, dry skin and acne prone skin. The large molecular weight of these acids results in the product working much slower and more superficially, so resulting in less side effects and minimal irritation. Polyhydroxy Acids also function as antioxidants and may promote some amount of improvement in skin’s surface strength.

Different Forms:

Gluconolactone - a powerful antioxidant, humectant and exfoliant, Gluconolactone is naturally present in human cells and protects the skin from free radical and UV damage and helps strengthen skin barrier function.

Lactobionic acid is derived from milk sugars and is a powerful antioxidant helping to tackle the signs of ageing, pigmentation problems, large pores and uneven skin texture.

Galactose helps aid healing due to its collagen synthesis.


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